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This was captured live at the BLUES ON BROADBEACH 2017 Festival by Guy Cooper from Serotonin Productions.

Free Fallin'

Filmed on the 2017 East Coast tour across the western plains of NSW

Where is the Love


This was recorded live at the Surfers LIVE festival 2016. I played on the Cavill Mall Stage to a few hundred excited punters. Fun gig. Great vibe.

Trippin' on empty


This was something i put together from footage taken at one of my shows at the Q1 Skydeck and other random stuff at the time. Like many of my songs, it started out as an improv jam and then that gave birth to what it is now.

The Whole Night Long


This song has a distinct rootsy blues feel. Some of my music does....some most definately does not. Quite often, i feel obliged to conteract the technology i use by taking the music back to its source. Kind of like a digital caveman. 

Eternal Bliss


This song drifts into a more trancey place. It was a first time, live, improvisation. I started with a beat and kept adding different layers. I enjoy the improv live, improvising allows me to channel into the vibe of the gig..and express that feeling without the restrictions of preconceived words, sounds, rythyms and genre.

Hooked on love


This was recorded live at Mandala Organic Arts Cafe a while back. Its a Neil Diamond inspired song! I grew up listening to him when i was allowed to stay up late on Friday nights as a kid. Mum would have a few wines, put on "Hot August Night" and wait for dad to get home from work. Good memories.


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